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Automotive Industry

Piezoceramic sensors act as sensors for electronic controls and provide them with information about engine smoothness, position and direction changes of the vehicle. Electronic components based on ceramic substrates react to this information and regulate the engine management, safety systems, such as ABS and ASR, and release the airbag if necessary. In the engine area, heat-resistant ceramic parts, such as valve components, crankshaft support bodies, components for water and fuel pumps, ensure higher efficiency, less wear and lower noise. As a composite material, ceramic-metal composites open up new prospects in lightweight metal construction. Last but not least, modern halogen, xenon or LED lighting systems with ceramic components significantly improve visibility. And ceramic armor for ballistic vehicle protection provide the necessary safety of emergency vehicles. The use of ceramic cutting materials and precision tools in automobile production serves to efficiently produce vehicle components made of cast iron or hardened steels.

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