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  • New Furnaces for Manufacturing Hot Pressed Boron Nitride New Furnaces for Manufacturing Hot Pressed Boron Nitride Mar 22 , 2019
    UNIPRETEC are building new furnaces for manufacturing of Hot Pressed Boron Nitride, the construction of 5 new furnaces will be successfully completed as expected in the end of year 2018. These 5 new furnaces will increase our manufacturing capacity a lot, furthermore, our ability and flexibility of research & development will be raised to a higher level. We are more confident to provide better Hot Pressed Boron Nitride products and service to customers. Boron Nitride is a high-performanced material with excellent properties on electrical insulation, high temperature resistance and high thermal shock resistance, besides, BN is machinable and non-wet by molten glass and metal. Boron Nitride is suitable for various applications. As professional Hot Pressed Boron Nitride China Manufacturer, UNIPRETEC welcomes any customers to contact if they have related demand, like Boron Nitride Rods, Boron Nitride Tubes, Boron Nitride Rings, Boron Nitride Sheets, Boron Nitride Nozzles, Boron Nitride Plates...
  • NEW Investment of Automatic Dry Pressing Equipments NEW Investment of Automatic Dry Pressing Equipments 2018-03-04
    Dry pressing technology is used in forming process of advanced ceramics (Aluminum Oxide, Cordierite, Silicon Nitride, Zirconium Oxide etc.). Dry pressing is suitable for Ceramic Parts in small and medium sizes, it's a cost-effective way for big volume producing. Besides, parts formed by dry pressing have higher strength and density, which means better quality. In order to increase growing manufacturing capacity and save rising labor cost, UNIPRETEC invested automatic dry pressing machines. Our new dry pressing machines have higher pressure, moreover, automatically shaping multiple-part with one die is also available. Nowadays, UNIPRETEC is better at producing Aluminum Oxide Plates, Al2O3 Trays, Alumina Plungers, Aluminum Oxide Tubes, Ceramic Substrates, Cordierite Parts, Zirconium Oxide Plungers, Zirconia Pistons... We welcome any opportunity related to above products from any one who are interested in developing or sourcing high tech ceramic components from us. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail info@unipretec.com or telephone 0086-592-5510319
  • New Boron Nitride for Horizontal Continuous Steel Casting New Boron Nitride for Horizontal Continuous Steel Casting 2017-10-13
    Hot Pressed Boron Nitride is high thermal shock resistant and non-wet by molten metal/glass, UNIPRETEC is capable to make solid Boron Nitride products in several grades, BN-3000 is one important grade, which UNIPRETEC has studied and developed for a few years. BN-3000 is typically made into components for Horizontal Continuous Steel Casting, for example, Crystallizer(Crystinglizer) and Break Ring. Nowadays, we are able to stably manufacture BN-3000 for casting industry, welcome to contact us for more details.
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