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Technical Ceramics
Ceramic Substrates are mainly made of Alumina(Al2O3) and Aluminum Nitride(AlN). Tap casting and dry pressing are two main producing methods. Al2O3 is cheaper and more widely used than AlN. Purity of Aluminum Nitride is 99%, Alumina's purity degrees range from 96% to 99.5%. UNIPRETEC is good at stably and fast supplying qualified Alumina Substrates and Aluminum Nitride Substrates, we are also capable to do laser scribing, surface grinding, polishing and other machining work. Typical applications of Ceramic Substrates are: LED packages, Power modules, Substrate for chip resistors, HIC substrates for heat dissipation, FAX substrates for thermal printer head, Substrates for automotive parts, Substrates for general thick film application, Substrates for sensor parts, Substrates for electronic devices...
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