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New Furnaces for Manufacturing Hot Pressed Boron Nitride Oct 23, 2019

UNIPRETEC are building new furnaces for manufacturing of Hot Pressed Boron Nitride, the construction of 5 new furnaces will be successfully completed as expected in the end of year 2018. These 5 new furnaces will increase our manufacturing capacity a lot, furthermore, our ability and flexibility of research & development will be raised to a higher level. We are more confident to provide better Hot Pressed Boron Nitride products and service to customers.

Boron Nitride is a high-performanced material with excellent properties on electrical insulation, high temperature resistance and high thermal shock resistance, besides, BN is machinable and non-wet by molten glass and metal. Boron Nitride is suitable for various applications. As professional Hot Pressed Boron Nitride China Manufacturer, UNIPRETEC welcomes any customers to contact if they have related demand, like Boron Nitride Rods, Boron Nitride Tubes, Boron Nitride Rings, Boron Nitride Sheets, Boron Nitride Nozzles, Boron Nitride Plates...

Hot Pressed Boron Nitride
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